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BLV Ab Test Kit



Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is a retrovirus that causes lymphosarcoma in bovine. Once infected, it remains in the blood of bovine for life and is difficult to treat. For this reason, an accurate and rapid diagnosis of the disease is required.
RIDX® BLV Ab Test Kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of bovine leukemia virus antibodies in bovine serum. This kit shows two letters which are the test (T) line and the control (C) line on the surface of the device. If the BLV antibody exists in the sample, it binds to the gold-conjugated BLV antigen. The antibody-antigen complex moves through the membrane by capillary force and responds to the BLV antigen on the test line, resulting in a red line. The control line indicates that the test is performed correctly and should appear when the test is complete.
The high-quality recombinant BLV envelope glycoprotein (gp51) antigen is used as a capture and detector in the kit. RIDX® BLV Ab Test Kit can detect BLV antibodies in bovine blood with high accuracy.


Bovine serum


• BLV Ab test device (10 tests)
• Dilution buffer (1 vial)
• Disposable capillary tube (10 ea)


• Clinical Sensitivity: 100% (50/50) vs. PCR, 100% (100/100) vs. AGID
• Clinical Specificity: 100% (23/23) vs. PCR, 95.6% (152/159) vs. AGID
• No Cross-reactivity with other bovine pathogen (IBR, BRSA, BVD, PI-3, Brucella, and FMDV)


• 10 Tests/Kit
• 12 Kits/Box (120 Tests/Box) or 40 Kits/Box (400 Tests/Box)


1. All samples and test components should be at room temperature (15~30℃/59~86℉) before use.
2. Take a bovine serum using a capillary tube.
3. Add 10ul of the sample into the sample hole (S).
4. Add 4 drops of dilution buffer into the sample hole (S).
5. Read test results at 10 minutes.

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