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FMDV 7 Ag Test Kit
[LGM-VFG-72] & [LGM-VFG-74]



Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) causes an acute vesicular disease of cloven-hoofed animals and continues to be a threat to livestock worldwide with outbreaks causing severe economic losses.
The RIDX® FMDV 7 Ag Test Kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detections of all seven (7) serotypes of FMDV antigens in bovine or porcine specimens.
This kit shows two letters which are the test (T) line and the control (C) line on the surface of the device. If the FMDV antigens exist in the samples, that bind to the gold-conjugated FMDV antibody. The complexes move through the membrane by capillary force and respond to the FMDV antibody on the test line, resulting in a red line. The control line indicates that the test is performed correctly and should appear when the test is complete.
The highly selective and sensitive monoclonal antibody to FMDV is used as capture and detector in the RIDX® FMDV 7 Ag Test Kit. The antibody in this kit is capable of detecting all seven (7) serotypes (type O, type A, type C, type Asia1, type SAT1, type SAT2, and type SAT3) of FMDV in bovine and porcine specimens with high accuracy.


Bovine or porcine saliva, tissue or vesicular fluid around lip, tongue, gums, nose, or hoof


• RIDX FMDV 7 Ag test device (10 or 2 tests)
• Disposable swab (10 or 2 ea)
• Sample dilution buffer (1 vial)
• Disposable dropper (10 or 2 ea)
• Sample tube (10 or 2 ea)
• Instructions for use (1 sheet)


• Clinical Sensitivity in spiking samples with virus (titer: 1 x 105 TCID50/mL or higher)

  • Type O 100% (68/68), type A 100% (70/70), type C 100% (20/20), type Asia1 100% (60/60), type SAT1 100% (20/20), type SAT2 100% (20/20), and type SAT3 100% (20/20)

• Clinical Specificity: 99.6% (490/492)

  • Bovine: 100% (92/92)
  • Swine: 99.5% (398/400)

• Diagnostic Accuracy

  • Type O 99.6% (558/560), type A 99.6% (560/562), type C 99.6% (512/514), type Asia1 99.6% (550/552), type SAT1 99.6% (512/514), type SAT2 99.6% (512/514), and type SAT3 99.6% (512/514)

• Limit of Detection

  • Type O: 0.56 x 104 TCID50/mL
  • Type A: 0.56 x 104 TCID50/mL
  • Type C: 0.56 x 104 TCID50/mL
  • Type Asia1: 4.22 x 104 TCID50/mL
  • Type SAT1: 4.22 x 104 TCID50/mL
  • Type SAT2: 0.75 x 105 TCID50/mL
  • Type SAT3: 3.69 x 104 TCID50/mL

• No cross-reactivity with other pathogens (CSFV, PRRSV, SVDV, SVV, and VSV)


• 10 Tests/Kit [LGM-VFG-72]
• 2 Tests/Kit [LGM-VFG-74]


1. All reagents and samples must be at room temperature (15~30℃/59~86℉) before use.
2. Take the supernatant of the prepared sample solution by using a dropper.
3. Apply 4 drops (100 μL) of the sample solution into each sample hole on the test device slowly and vertically.
4. Read test result at 15 minutes.

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